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Please follow the steps below:
  • (1) Download the Raramuri app on IOS or Android via https://bit.ly/RaramuriPage
  • (2) Create an account
  • (3) Go to tab "Races" to see upcoming events
  • (4) Select the event of your choice and choose your distance
  • For any support in registration, please reach out to us via admin@raramuri.io or ask in our social channels.

    How much is the registration fee?

    All we ask is your best effort! The race is completely free to join!
    It is a run in real time at any location that you choose. Our Raramuri app will record your time, distance, and project the data in the metaverse, where your friends & family can watch at home and cheer for you.
    Each of runner will be running in their own route at their own locations. However, in the metaverse we will be running together. The app records your time, distance and location based on your 3G/4G/LTE & GPS signal. Therefore, it is advised that you choose a clear route with minimal obstacles and with good signal strength for the best experience & accuracy.
    At Raramuri, we guarantee that your data will be safe with us. We will only use your data to better prepare our marathon and sport events in the future!
    We use your phone's GPS signal to track your movement and distance record. Therefore, you must carry your phone during the marathon to have your data projected and updated in the metaverse.
    Your rewards will appear in your "Metawards" tab after the race. They vary from NFT medals to coupon from our sponsors, which can be redeemed in store. Instructions to redeem coupons may vary depending on each event and will be announced on our social and our event page.
    Raramuri app shows live results during the race, so that any viewer can enjoy watching the live event and getting up-to-date information. The final results will be posted as soon as the race finishes in the event's page and on all our social media channels.
    Yes, we can. We'll disqualify any foul case right after the race finishes, and potentially ban that runner from joining upcoming races with us.
    Yes. Raramuri will integrate smart watches in the near future in order to account for heart rates in calculating final results. "Verified events" (coming soon) which requires wearing a smart watch to participate will be rolled out along with smart watches integration.
    Raramuri focuses mostly on hosting live events and as such, live results are provided on our website and in the Raramuri app (coming soon) as soon as the race begins. In addition, live interactions (live-music, commentary, and more) are created to let the runners "relive" the experience of running at traditional running events.
    We are hosting a weekly training event every Saturday with the exact time TBA. Every last Sunday of the month, we are hosting a sponsored event, where participants will have the chance to receive rewards from one of sponsors (previously Skechers Vietnam). Not only that, once we roll out "private event" feature, runners can host their own events and run with their friends & family.
    To better accomondate runners across the globe in different time zones, Raramuri opens the early-start window 24 hours before the official starting time. Runners will be able to participate in the event. However, live features such as commentary, peer-to-peer communication will be limited.
    Each event is live on our landing page at https://raramuri.io/events/.

    Viewers can:
  • - Pin their favorite runners at the top
  • - Interact with the runners using 'Cheers' or 'Fireworks' buttons
  • - Watch the 3D avatars of the runners on the metaverse track
  • - Play mini games in the track to win raffle tickets
  • What is Proof-of-Life?

    In the blockchain sphere, the concept of "Proof-of-Life" varies with the context. Here, it signifies evidence of being alive.

    With the surge in blockchain utilization over recent years, the struggle between genuine users and bots in the Web3 domain has intensified. Many networks are witnessing their projects aimed at genuine user engagement being overshadowed by increasingly sophisticated bots, which dilutes the effectiveness of these projects' goals.

    Raramuri stands out as an app centered around physical activity, where activity logs are stored on the blockchain anonymously. This data acts as a robust proof that an identity is active, presenting a challenging and costly task for bots to mimic. Such a mechanism offers a distinct and valuable indicator for the expanding Web3 ecosystem to leverage.

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